Throwback Thursday: LEGOLand Deutschland Posted on 12 Feb 20:47 , 0 comments

Originally Posted August 3rd 2014:

We recently had the opportunity to visit Germany and I knew we wanted to check out LegoLand. I heard some rumors in the community that there was a store within the park that was the largest PAB (Pick a Brick) in the world. Rumors like that are worth investigating. 

From the LegoLand Map:

I don't speak much German, but the map says this is the place. 

The literal translation is "Factory Sale Items"  

Once I walked in, all doubt was removed.

Here's some shots I had the presence of mind to snap with my camera before I filled 5 bags. (Sorry some are blurry, they match my vision at the time)

What you see here are all 1x1 plates. Yes. I'm serious.

The store was divided into sections: Auto parts, Technic, Plates, Brick (with a section for transparent), Tiles, etc. There was also a large build-a-minifig area. None of the cups we're all so familiar with filling at the US PAB. Fabrik uses yellow bags with a zip-lock top.

Thor for scale

Unlike the US LEGO Stores that are volume based (cups), Fabrik prices by weight. The price when we visited was 9 Euro per 100 grams. 

For reference, 20 nickels weighs 100g. 

There was also a clearance tent in another part of the park that charged only 7 Euro per 100g. The details on that will come in another post. 

We got a few more than 100g as you can imagine... 

Here's some pics of the breakdown and adding of the haul this week: 


Just a few Kilos


Nearly all the parts we purchased are now listed in our Bricklink Store. Check it out:

The Fabrik (Factory) Store located at LEGOLand Deutschland bills itself as the biggest Pick a Brick on the Planet....

They're not kidding, in a word it was mindblowing. Aisles of parts in every color imaginable including many in some very rare colors. After my visit to this alternate reality it's not hard to understand why German Bricklink stores are some of the largest and most impressive in the world. 

Don't worry I took lots of pictures. More to come soon...