LEGO Street Lamp

$ 250.00

Want a way to display some LEGO® cars you have laying around AND light an area at the same time? This Street lamp will allow for both! Lamp depicting a street has four mounts for cars or any other small LEGO® item you want. When ordering choose if you want cars included, or no cars from the pull down menu. Car availability varies, and may not include minifigures.

Lamp will be glued prevent parts from becoming a choking hazard. If cars are included, they are not glued.

Base - 4" x 8"
Height - 11.75" to top of LEGO, 13.75" to top of lamp head
Cord length: at least 6.5 feet

Made with 100% authentic LEGO® Bricks
Lampshade is NOT included
Light bulb is NOT included